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Sacred Journey Sitter

Need a Sacred Sitter? Schedule your next journey w/Mother Jaguar

Journey with a knowledgeable, experienced, trauma informed Medicine Woman that can compassionately hold safe space for you. 

   Mother Jaguar-Rainashuhu

Mother jaguar
  • is personally experienced with various entheogens.

  • is trained in various modalities

  • works with numerous "space holding" protocols ​

    • Custom approach she designs together with you for specific situation/goals/interests/intentions

  • supports your specific intention(s) for healing, growth, and/or consciousness exploration

  • creates the optimal set and setting for the individual experience.

  • honors your process and welcome all of you, all of your parts in all of their expressions, even the difficult ones that likely haven’t had a voice in so very long. She welcomes your pain and difficulties as well as your successes and joys.

  • brings a basic and traditional ritual/ceremony to the experience including actual and energetic space creation, somatic work, Icaro's and a mini live sound bath.

  • stays with you for the duration of the journey (2 to 8) hours average depending on the medicine.

  • provides the option to work with other professional healers for added preparation, integration and support either before or after your session.

  • works with psychedelic music playlists from various tribes and "medicine music" creators, playlists of your own, or we will work on a music playlist with you, if desired.  

  • includes an in-person pre-session meeting with you within the 10 days before the journey, ideally the day before is best.

  • includes a post-session integration meeting with you within the day(s) immediately following the journey. This session may be over zoom or in-person.

  • keeps in touch with you after the process via
    e-mail, text and/or phone to help integrate and support your healing.

  • provides resources and information for integration and deepening of your process on your own healing/exploration journey. 
    (Healing takes time, courage, and commitment.)

  • Is a well informed active member of several Psychedelic communities that include researchers, plant medicine facilitators and therapists.

  • DOES NOT provide the medicines for the "sacred sitter" session but offers this service to promote healing, safety, education, and harm reduction.  

  • Is Atlanta, Georgia based, travel to other geographical locations by arrangement. 

Please fill out the Screening Form before sending payment and allow up to 48 hours for a response from the team.

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