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pronounced (hop-pay)

Rapéh (hop-pay) is a sacred medicine used by the people of Kuntanawa during healing rituals. The use of Rapéh has become a daily practice for the Kuntanawa people to protect the body from various pollution that this world currently faces.  It cleanses diseases from the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. The main ingredient in each Rapéh formula is tobacco, the highest form of plant medicine spirit protection in the Amazon. The Kuntanawa people work with a diversity of Rapéhs and as an additive use many medicinal plants from the jungle within their Rapé formulas to treat different types of ailments.  Many use Rapéh to clean their energy and bring in insight and clarity.  Rapéh is a very mysterious plant concoction; it has many functions and purposes. Its healing outcomes and experiences from this medicine are uniquely specific for each individual. The administration of Rapéh can be alone or shared with another. It is blown into the nose with the focus of Rapéh spirit sent to the 3rd-eye chakra with the intention to open each person’s insight to their golden path of the highest good.

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A therapeutic Rape'h that is derived from the bay leaf.

It is a relaxing Rape'h that opens up the respiratory system and improves the function of the circulatory system. Although its main use is for opening up the respiratory system.



Known as the Rape'h of love. Sansara is a plant that is used to aid in finding the right person for your life. It is used to attract good things into your life, to bring happiness, prosperity, luck and freedom both in love and physical aspects. It can aid you in attracting what you need.



Derived from the leaf of the Lutikawa plant, its medicinal properties can be used to control high blood pressure, to cure nausea, stomach pain, and migraines. Lutikawa also strengthens and organizes the immune system to fight many diseases. Traditionally brewed into a tea to build the immune system but all of its benefits can be found in this Lutikawa Rape'h.


Pimenta Longa-

This Rape'h medicine has anti-inflammatory properties. It is utilized to treat, headaches, sinusitis, rhinitis and cure any type of inflammation, especially in the head, throat and nasal passages. Pimenta Longa can also be used to treat labyrinthitis.  




A very spiritual Rape'h medicine. Used to remove negativity. Has the ability to cleanse your energy field of dark spirits and other negative energies around you.


Folha da Samauma-

This plant has numerous healing properties. Samauma is the "Queen of the Rain forest” due to its enormous stature while having many mysterious functions of being able to heal all spiritual and physical ailments. This sacred tree opens all chakras and connects you to nature in a very strong manner, providing deep spiritual and physical protection.



The most scented flower in the rainforest provides you with a spiritual invisibility cloak on a daily basis. In spiritual ceremonies this plant guides you safely through your visions, keeping unwanted spirits and spells from reaching you. The Jarina Rape'h is made from the plant's flower and makes you spiritually lighter while opening your chakras and your heart.



Derived from both the leaf and vine of the plant. Kawarani extract is used on a daily basis and applied directly on the body for the cleansing and purifying when bathing and during sacred spiritual ceremonies. In rape' it is used to treat and cure headaches, to calm the heart that is afflicted with emotions of anger and a broken heart. Kawarani allows you to open to embody the energies of love happiness and provides spiritual protection. This sacred plant is a powerful tool when used to fend off and calm the spirits that feed off of the strong emotional energy of fear.



This Rape'h reinforces spiritual strength and works on developing a strong connection with your inner spiritual being. It also has the ability to open your chakras and develop spiritual vision.


Ayahuasca rape'h -

This medicine brings visions, yet not as vivid as ayahuasca tea. It opens your visions during dreams, works to open your spiritual path, connects you to other sacred plants, increases your sensitivity to the Universe, develops your neurons improving your memory. Made from the the powdered form of Ayahuasca tea.



This Rape'h is used to cleanse the respiratory system. Also used to prevent clogged arteries and strokes. With this Rape'h you must bath after using. Specifically made by Haru's grandfather.


Canela de Velho- 

A very powerful tree that strengthens the nervous and immune system while energizing the body.


Cipo' Jiboia-

A magical Rape'h which brings psychological strengthens empowering the mind to consciously develop yourself spiritually. This powerful Rape'h provides a direct connection with the spiritual world and with your ancestors.



Promotes tranquility, relaxation, deep sleep and calmness.

Allows you to enter your dreams and removes stress.

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