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Schedule a Private Medicine Journey 
w/Mother Jaguar

Private Ceremony.jpg

"Leap into flight and discover your life from a vastly new perspective with an experienced and compassionate
Medicine Woman."
There is so much to discover, feel, embody, release and integrate. Allow me to support your intention as well as your sacred healing process. All of you is welcome here, your joy and your sadness, your pleasure and your pain. 
Medicine journeys can help us get in touch with deep traumas and begin the process of “feeling is healing” our way through them.  I promise to bring compassion,  support, and gentle care to these tender parts of yourself that need to be seen, held, and felt in non-judgemen
tal, accepting, and safe ways that are not overwhelming.

First, click the button above to fill out the "Health Screening" form. 


Cost for this service:

1 x night (up to 2 people) = $1000                          
1 x night (up to 4 people) = $2000                         

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