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    Mother Jaguar ~ Medicine Woman

Medicina Feminina Retreat

We are so excited to invite you to this really special Goddess Weekend in the Atlanta area. We are finalizing our plans now and will update you with the location shortly.

Limited to 18 Women. Please RSVP on EVENTBRITE to reserve your spot RSVP: Admission: $188

When you hear “Goddess”, you may have the image of a gorgeous women standing at the shore in a long beautiful dress. And yes, we will celebrate this aspect of ourselves, but there is so much more to becoming a fully alive Goddess. A true Goddess is radiant in all of her feelings, because she allows herself to express them all consciously without holding back. Becoming a true Goddess is about stepping into the space of awareness and giving yourself full permission to get to know yourself, through healing your wounds and facing your shadows in order to transform them. By owning full self-responsibility, you unleash your unique power and one will live in true connection.

We are creating this very special retreat to support you in the process to your own liberation.

By working with the sacred and powerful Plant Medicine from the Amazon with Mother Jaguar and the beautiful and cleansing Jungle Medicine Sananga from Brazil, are you embarking on an intense inner journey of purification, healing and self-knowledge.

You will have the opportunity to truly experience self-love and compassion in a heart-opening environment, A Medicine (Grief) Wheel ceremony that will assist you in shedding lower vibrations, and you will be introduced to the ancient healing of Rape'h and Sananga to reconnect you with our source of life.

During our retreat we will have two-three Rape'h (pronounced Ha-pay - and Sananga ceremonies, one Medicine Wheel Ceremony and Hatha Yoga will be offered on Saturday morning. In these sacred ceremonies you will be supported with open hearts, in a safe space through your profound cleaning, healing and transformation process on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level. The other big part of Medicina Feminina is the integration work. With that you will be able to manifest your experiences into your life. Mother Jaguar will open up the space for the circle of sisterhood.

In this circle all there is to see or to share will get a listening, such that each individual process is being taken care of. Integration happens when experiences you made on an energetic, emotional and physical level are brought into consciousness by sharing them. And by the sharing being witnessed by people who listen to you with their heart. It is also a learning how to open a space by listening to each other in this very special way.

Every morning we will gather in meditation and connect by singing mantras/songs together. Healthy, delicious, plant based chakra food will nourish and support our processes. And of course you will find time for yourself to relax, journal and celebrate life with us in our Drum and Ecstatic Dance closing celebration.

Dear feminine being, if you are feeling the call, if you are searching for healing, if you are willing to dive through your shadows in order to transform them, if you are just waiting to live your self-determined life as an creator of the highest visions from your soul, your essence, your heart in joy, send us your registration.

We are waiting for you brave women, and we can't wait to spend this transformational weekend with you!!!

Lots of love

Xara' xara'



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