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Diaspora Ascending


Why did we create Diaspora Ascending?

Diaspora Ascending (D.A.) was created to address and heal the mental illness crisis within impoverished communities by partnering with Indigenous Tribes to preserve traditional and homeopathic wisdom and to gain education, research, spiritual, physical, and social development opportunities. 


D.A. will also be dedicated to raising the money to build an intentional eco-friendly village in the Atlanta area that will reacquaint us with Pachamama-Earth.

Under the the guidance and wisdom of our Indigenous teachers we envision our members indemnified, balanced in mind body and spirit, leading impactful initiatives, rebuilding communities, and reversing the behaviors that have so negatively impacted many generations, our immediate families, our communities and most importantly, Mother Earth.

We know that it is almost impossible for the average person to receive the amount of time and care needed to recover from PTSD or childhood trauma. This is why we know it is imperative to build a safe and intentional community around and for those who have suffered generation after generation from violence due to racism, systematic inequality, police brutality, financial impotency, and worse of all, self hatred that ultimately halts the pursuit of happiness. Here at D.A. We aim to change the course from destruction to reparation. Although this work is primarily focused on People of Color, our overall agenda is to restore balance within the lives of POC in order to harmonize with the rest of humanity.  

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