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Those who know and have worked with Mother Jaguar have drawn inspiration and empowerment from her for years.​

A beloved teacher, now revisits her past to share her journey of awakening and the wisdom she has gained along the way. With raw authenticity and heartfelt reflection,  she offers an unrestricted view of her past pain and awareness as she awakened her Inner Goddess.

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Mother Jaguar  

Mother Jaguar leads Shamanic plant medicine ceremonies after being initiated by various  teachers throughout her life and mentored by indigenous shamans she has been blessed to learn from over the past 10 years.

Her high intentions and respect for ceremony honor the authentic practices and evoke

powerful healing and nurturing in her presence.


She is blessed with a ceremonial singing voice and has received songs from the spirit teachers which she uses to aid and amplify the healing of others. Her singing provides a vocal counterpart, blending beautiful ceremonial chants and sounds to maximize your healing experience.


Mother Jaguar gently calls for your soul to come back home.

Mother Jaguar is in service to the Divine as a powerful medicine mother, claircognizant empath, relationship coach, Tarot coach, and mentor. She has hosted several workshops ushering in the Divine Feminine and Masculine through events like Sound baths, Medicine Women -Red Tent, Shamanic journeys, and has a group dedicated to creating healthier relationships called Yin & Yang Conversations for Women and Men. She has dedicated her life to understanding the many roots of suffering.


Since a child, the healing path has been part of Mother Jaguar life and she has evolved her knowledge into her own unique field of medicine work. Through her exploration and studies, she  has had the opportunity to work with many teachers and study many spiritual practices like Shamanism, Sufism, Taoism, Sukiyo Mahikari, Tibetan/Sanskrit chanting, Ausar Auset (Kemetic/Egyptian rituals), and Hermetic Teachings. Her very first teacher Tijuan (Dogon tribe), from Mali West Africa, taught her the art of several different methods of divinations i.e Tarot, sand, and water. Tijuan also introduced her to the ancestral spirits of the Nommo (Masters of the water). Mother Jaguar has also been initiated by Pajé (Chieftess) Waxy Yawanawa out of Acre, Brazil to serve the sacred brew of Ayahuasca and Tobacco Snuff, Rapéh and yet, was honored with a Yawanawa name of Raneshuhu pronounced ah-de-nu-sha-hu. Meaning the Mother of the Jaboa (serpent) of knowledge and wisdom.

As a pioneer, messenger and intuitive guide, Mother Jaguar has much experience to offer a fellow seeker. Her passion is to assist in letting go of destructive programs in order to build a lasting relationship with the higher self and the Divine Source thus creating trust between us and Mother Earth.

Mother Jaguar is the founder of the following companies and projects:
Universal Bridge Church of Transformation

Diaspora Ascending LLC

Medicine Women Circle-Temple of Wisdom
Yin & Yang Conversations


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