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Sometimes we don't recognize what we believe in. It is revealed in every conviction we have for ourselves and in every judgement, we have for others.
And it is all so often that we don't recognize how those beliefs have governed our lives and created a reality within us.
Changing the way we look at things gives us new beliefs due to new perceptions. Then, new beliefs create a new reality.

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Those who know and have worked with

Catherine Adunni have drawn inspiration and empowerment from her for years.

Catherine, a beloved teacher, now revisits her past to share her journey of awakening and the wisdom she has gained along the way. With raw authenticity and heartfelt reflection, she offers an unrestricted view of her past pain and awarenesses as she awakened her Inner Goddess.

Photo: Glass Eyed Tigress

Art: Erica Sennett

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"Her kind yet powerful being loves to help us get to the space of healing, then teaches us how to continue the healing ourselves. All of her wisdom is so on point and so beautiful."  

~Narobi Mkwalu


"I have had the pleasure of working with Cat within many modalities. Catherine is an amazingly intuitive,supportive individual who creates a safe container to do deep work. She is very gifted in guiding people to make clear concise decisions and helps greatly when moving forward in relationship, business, personal, etc. work. I recently had a reading with her, that was a game changer for me as it concreted choices moving into my next steps within my biggest challenge. I highly recommend Catherine an advisor and support in whatever endeavor you maybe on."

Amy Elizabeth Clark

"What isn’t there to love about Catherine? She is an 11 Life Path so she is a Messenger for Spirit. She is kind, compassionate, and understands the path. Catherine is authentic in her life and in her dealings with people. I absolutely adore her as a person and respect her as a Healer. Again, can’t say enough."

Stacy Guy Preece

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Raw authenticity and heartfelt reflection...

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Each of us is connected

with the Divine.

The Higher Self within us far transcends the understanding

of our conscious minds.

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